Unwrapping the SR Hives

Winter has finally ended, and the bees have been anxious to get back to work, collecting nectar and pollen. Here are the hives all wrapped up on the SR roof this afternoon:


Because the temperature has been warming up, we decided to unwrap the hives today, freeing them from their heavy winter insulation. We also took the opportunity to take a quick peek inside the hive to see how they fared. Below are some photos from inside the SR-South hive:



We cleaned out the bottom board, which was filled with bees that did not survive the winter. In the photo below, Jonathan is pointing to some dead bees with blue pollen pantaloons.


The bees were very friendly, and I like to think they may have been excited to see us after the long winter, especially because we brought them sugar syrup. Below is one of the friendly bees hanging out on my hat:


When we opened up the SR North hive, we found some pretty dark looking bees, that looked smaller than drones. Here’s a photo:


Once we gave them some sugar syrup and closed up the hive, the bees got back to work collecting early spring pollen. In the photo below, you can see the yellow pollen pantaloons on the bees as they enter the SR North hive.


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