Bee Beard Competition

Last week was the annual bee beard competition in Aylmer, Ontario. Contestants enter a tent, where they are given plastic cages with a queen bee to wear around their necks. Then a hive of bees is released, and – attracted by the pheromone released by the queen bee – they attach themselves around the contestant’s neck and face. The bees are generally handled so gently that they do not sting. It just shows how gentle honeybees can be. Maybe we should consider holding a bee beard competition next year? If you want to learn more, here’s the article.1297453195715_ORIGINAL[Photo: Ben Forrest/QMI Agency/Times-Journal]

One thought on “Bee Beard Competition

  1. I love the picture you chose – it’s kind of like she is hugging the bees to her heart while maintaining her calm all at once.

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