Bee buddy

We are really lucky in our little collective.  We are a small group of keeners all wanting to learn about bees, bee-keeping, and bee culture.  In fact, we are so keen that one member realized by careful investigation of this post that we had put the entrance reducer in improperly, shutting the bees in with their new queen.

But fear not, the error was corrected, and the hive is still buzzing.

But getting back to our little group, we know that not everyone is so lucky.  You might be at home, fascinated by the idea of keeping bees but with no idea of where to start.  And the very top recommendation I would give to an aspiring beekeeper when starting a hive is to find a bee buddy.

There were five of us on an early visit to the McGill hive. I am the one in the huge full suit.

So, what would qualify someone to be your bee buddy?  Well, here is a short list of attributes to look for.

  • Interested in bees.  Ideally keen, but minimum requirement is to not be actively fearful.
  • Calm under pressure.  When things get buzzing, a hive can be a little intimidating.  Your bee buddy should help set a calm, careful tone.
  • Good communicator.  “Bee” clear about what role you want your buddy to play.
  •  Good photographer (optional).

Everyone is more relaxed and happy with a friend around – including the bees.  Check out all of those laid-back ladies (on the box and frames at our feet) who were just being introduced to their new home.

One bee-buddy documenting the process, another bee-buddy documenting the beekeepers.

One thought on “Bee buddy

  1. Thanks for the great post, Heather! You touch upon a vital, yet neglected topic in the beekeeping literature: the importance of having and being a bee-buddy. Just like our honeybees, beekeepers are also very social creatures.

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